2013 m. kovo 12 d., antradienis

2013 m. vasario 24 d., sekmadienis

banana? pea? Pea.. :)

its an early night, im laying here in a  bed all by myself and Im thinking: hey, a quick post could maybe help me get some sleep. so I open this page with an intension to create, to write something worth reading(which u cant really find it much here) and what do I do? I just stare at this very blank page for at least 20minutes trying to figure out what to write. The truth is I could only think about the one particular person who put an end to a "despicable me", person who drove and still driving me crazy with a smile worth thousands of compliments. But she knows that and I will keep it that way.
Anyway, a very wise man gave a great suggestion earlier today. me and two other friends were drinking tea, here in lithuania and one of them said: dont waste any time and five years from now lets meet up for a cup of tea somewhere in Italy. and yeah you should probably say okok alright, we will do that definetely but how many of those 'agreements' come true? not many I guess. and it gets you thinking: okay, so 5 years is a reasonable period of time. lets really do this. a million miles journey starts with a first step. So I will do the same. I will start this journey with a first step which is getting some sleep to get my head straight.
Goodnight, my little peas and of course the most delicious Pea 8)

2013 m. vasario 19 d., antradienis

My night savior. ^_^ My fire keeper m(-_-)m


If I had to think of a title of a book about my past 4 days I think it would be 'I dont know where I am going to rest my head tonight..' :B

2013 m. vasario 11 d., pirmadienis

there he was

..He opened his eyes and there he was. Standing on the roof of the tallest skyscraper in town. Surrounded by the cold concrete walls and the sound of police sirens he stood there calmly. But no, he was not having second thoughts. He was looking at the sunset, which was slowly bringing the day to the end and of course a beginning to the new one. Although he was alone but he sure wasn't lonely. He had almost everything a man could think of: loving family, friends and good wealth. Well, at least he thought so. But that particular evening none of these things mattered. The only thing he could think of was the first part of the day. The part which lead him to this roof, to these thoughts he is having there. This takes us back few hours. It was an early Monday morning. The sun was already making an appearance after a dark rainy night. As a family man, he kissed his wife before leaving, took his children to school and headed for work. Instead of taking the usual road which was although a shorter but more crowded way to work he decided to take a highway instead. The man arrived ten minutes earlier than usual: -Oh that's great!, - he thought and rushed to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee through the wide, grey, a little bit boring corridors. Walking through them every day for the last 17 years got him thinking about something new. Because, even him, as I like to call him, routine-guy, thought 17 years is a long time spent in the same place. But that building he was working in was a special place. He got his first pay-check there, met his wife and mother of his children, who back in the days was his boss. But he had his way with the women. He got his way to her and never regretted that moment. As he reached the cafeteria many thoughts were crossing his mind but a cup of coffee wasn't one of them. The man was standing in front of the glass doors, he glanced and looked into the reflection of his. He realized it was time. It was time for him to do something else. And he knew what's that going to be. He quit his job that day. "-Finally, I can do something I have dreamed of for a long time. I will come back home, pack up my things and take my wife for a road trip like we were 20 once again." Not being able to think about anything else he got home in a blink of the eye. He parked his car, walked up to the door and slowly opened them. As he stepped inside he noticed it was incredibly silent and he instantly felt very nervous like he already knew what's going to happen. The man knew that at this time of the day his wife were supposed to be washing and cleaning the house but she wasn't. As he was walking up the stairs, still feeling nervous, he peeked at his favorite wedding photo where he holds his wife tight in his arms and smiling like a little boy. No matter how sad he was, that photo made him smile every time the man looked at it. Just as the photo got out of his vision and the stairs ended he got to the bedroom where the husband saw her. She was lying there all covered in blood with no signs of breathing. Despite that there was blood everywhere, he got to her, checked the pulse and hugged his wife for the very last time. Full of disappointment, sadness and completely scared he called an ambulance and ran away with the tears in his eyes. The tears which meant that he lost the love of his life, the only person he could trust. As the day was slowly passing by he arrived at his favorite place. The roof of the tallest skyscraper in town. The roof where they first kissed. After taking the last two floors on foot and catching his breath, he was standing at the same place he was the night they kissed. He closed his eyes and prayed that it would only be just a dream.. He opened his eyes and there he was..

2013 m. vasario 9 d., šeštadienis

Good evening, I report for duty. I dont know how does it feel like to be surfing under the breaking wave but if it feels amazing then Im surfing under the wave right now. Slowly, calmly Im enjoying every inch of that wave. Kind of reminds me of driving in the middle of the night when you can simply enjoy the beauty of the moment which we often forget. Being so alive never felt so good. Or maybe I was never so alive like I am today. However, there are couple of things which don't let me take off completly. But that's a good thing I believe. It keeps me focused on the reality not the dreams. Got to go now, till the next time, lads!

2013 m. vasario 7 d., ketvirtadienis

two headed dragon

Good evening friends, After a while I, Mr.ichi the killer a.k.a farewell, have decided to come back with the blogspot! Yes, indeed, I have decided again to waste my time in here. Despite it's not going to be read by many folks I will try to share some of my thoughts about certain things.. and yeah.. it probably won't be delusional and paranoid posts :D I might even upload a photo, or video to keep this thing more alive and watchable for your arrogant minds. So, what else.. Yes, of course.. Couple of weeks ago I kind of remembered that I used to write something in here, so I was forced to read all the posts I updated and, maaan, what kind of guy I was back in the days? :D I was spontaneous, impatient and desperate romantic haha.. Gladly today Im whole new creature. Though I still like women.. beautiful ones of course. Yeah.. what would we, men, do without women.. Well maybe we should ask Bieber. He kind of pulls out that one(yes I have just called him gay). Anyway, staying on topic, Im still wondering what should I write in my next posts. Maybe something about life? Personality? Hmm.. love? Nahh, lets skip the last one. I think life pretty much suits me. Quick thought: what would you do if the person you hate, the person who deceived you suddenly becomes the only person who can help you? Would you stand your ground? Or would you forgive? On that bombshell, it is time to end.. Till the next time, lads.